Hotel Le Relais Louis XI

Relais Louis XI - Charming Hotel

On the banks of the Loire, a distinctive guest establishment brimming with French history!

Here, the sound of hooves can still be heard! In the heart of the Valley of the Kings stands a dwelling with a chivalrous soul. Before becoming a boutique hotel, the inn was a strategic site, fortified by the English during the Hundred Years' War (14th and 15th c.). It most likely also served as King John the Good (14th c.) during his passage through Meung-sur-Loire en route to Poitiers.

On 15 June 1429, Joan of Arc and her knights besieged the area and blocked the English between Beaugency and Orleans. Only ruins now remain of the Loire bridge where the battle took place. Fifty years later, King Louis XI set up his private stables to shelter his horses, store food, house the royal equerries, guards and smithy. He also spent the night there. He liked the region and worshipped at the Basilica of Saint-André Cléry where he was buried shortly after his death in 1483.

Le Relais has kept the name of the sovereign since it was under his reign that the Inn prospered. It ceased to be a royal stud farm in 1604 under Henry IV.
Hotel Le Relais Louis XI